Truck Unloader

Truck Unloader.

In stock now at 888CSE are the Superior Industries Single Lane OR Patented Mobile Dual Lane RazerTail® Truck Unloader. (RZTU).

Offering unrivalled performance and mobility, the RazerTail Truck Unloader (RZTU) gives the fastest cycle times possible for unloading single or multi-combination trailers without double handling materials at site.

Cycle times can be reduced even further by using the latest “Dual Lane” unloading technology. Rear tippers and belly dumpers can be used in single or multi-combinations, as well as walking floor trailers.

This portable dual lane version of the Razertail Truck Unloader allows production to almost double when compared to the single lane unit.

This reduced cycle time and continuous operation without the belt running empty is highly critical for the continuous loading of vessels / ships / barges where delays cost dollars!

Suitable for handling a variety of materials from woodchips, grain, coal, coke, iron ore, sand, crushed rock, mineral sands, various ores, fertiliser etc. the Razertail Truck  Unloader is heavily built using the highest quality components. An unrivalled 2 year component warranty and 5 year structural warranty is therefore offered with all Superior Industries Conveying Equipment.

Our units meet Australian Structural, Electrical and Safety Requirements.

Designed for continuous operation, the 48″ Razertail can be used stand-alone or with one of our mobile Telestacker® Conveyors to stockpile or load up to 800tph of material.

Our larger 72″ Razertail can handle up to 1350tph of material. Variable belt speed options allow for changes in material densities.

Supplied with on-board hydraulic folding ramps and a folding head section, the Razertail Truck Unloader (RZTU) can be set-up on site within a few minutes of arrival, without needing separate earthen ramps in most applications.

888CSE has already supplied both 48″ and 72″ Razertail Units to clients in Australia where they are used for a variety of applications in both stockpiling and shiploading.

Used with the world’s No.1 Selling Superior Industries Telestacker® Conveyor technology, we can easily stockpile over 250,000 tonnes of material without re-handling, saving thousands of dollars in many applications.

Click here to see our shiploading video using Patented Mobile Razertail Dual Lane Technology.

The latest RZTU‘s from 888CSE offer a unique triple axle design for improved portability.

For more information please visit our product pages or contact us now or call our main office on 08 9550 6388 or call Melissa on 0447 888028.

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