800TPH Mobile Screening Plant

800TPH Mobile Screening Plant.

888CSE installed a Superior Industries mobile screening plant on the Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland, Australia in early 2018.

The Screening plant comprises the following equipment.

Superior Industries 8×16 Portable Feed Hopper (PFH), capable of being fed by CAT 988 / WA600 sized front-end loaders.

Superior Industries 8202 Guardian™ Double Deck 20’x8′ (6100x2400mm) Triple Shaft Horizontal Screening Unit.

Superior Industries Heavy Duty 48×70 (21m x 1200mm) Portable Radial Stacker for stacking oversize material.

Superior Industries Heavy Duty 48×85 (25m x 1200mm) Portable Radial Stacker for either transferring screened / sized material direct to the feed bin / overland conveyor which feeds the barge loader, OR for stockpiling material when the barges are being changed over.

The Plant is all towable and can therefore be re-positioned on site as required due to the mobile configuration.

All electric power to the feeder, screen and conveyors ensures the highest efficiency and uptime.

The Superior Industries Mobile Screening Plant is designed to handle up to 2mpta of high-grade screened Bauxite. The equipment is all rated at approx. 800-1000tph as the mining / barge loading operations are not typically run through the wet / cyclone season.

Once the Bauxite is screened to the correct size, it is conveyed to a 48×150 (46m x 1200mm) Superior Industries Telestacker Conveyor for the barge loading operation.

The Telestacker® Conveyor is fitted with a custom programmed PLC automation system which allows the conveyor to stockpile material onto the barges in-line. This is achieved using the telescopic facility along with the radial facility. The Telestacker® Conveyor also raises and lowers (Luffs) automatically to reduce the discharge / drop height of the Bauxite to the barge.

This particular conveyor is fitted with twin walkways for maintenance access.

The Telestacker® Conveyor is rated up to 1800tph to allow for the proposed future mine expansion.

An identical second 800TPH mobile screening plant from 888CSE / Superior Industries has since been supplied and installed in 2019 to accommodate the export of up to 4mpta of screened bauxite over the next 12 months.

As with the first plant, all the new feeding / screening / conveying equipment was delivered to this Australian remote site by barges. All the equipment is pre-assembled and tested by 888CSE in Brisbane, so that it can be up and running within just a couple of days of arrival at site.

Both Superior Industries Mobile screening plants will feed onto the existing overland and Telestacker® Conveyor / Barge Loading Conveyor at the higher production rate of up to 1800tph.

For more information on similar screening / barge loading / ship-loading applications please contact us at 888CSE at any time or call us on 08 9550 6388 or 0447 888028 or visit our product pages.

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