Manufactured Sand

Manufactured Sand Solutions.

  • Do you have surplus crusher dust at your quarry?
  • Do you want to turn your surplus crusher dust into a high value manufactured sand?
  • Are the water supply constraints and water management issues in many parts of Australia stopping you from going ahead with this process?

If the answer is YES to these questions, then Superior Industries may have the ideal solution for your problem.

Most traditional washing solutions for reducing the 75 micron content of crusher dust require a huge volume of water, sometimes 3 or 4 times the volume of water than the volume of crusher dust being washed.

The Patent Pending Alliance™ Low Water Washer from Superior Industries uses as much as 60-80% less water than traditional washing processes to achieve the same result from the crusher dust.

Working on a small footprint, the Superior Industries Alliance Low Water Washer can take a DRY Feed direct from your crusher fines conveyor and turn it into a saleable product right next to your crushing circuit.

Depending on the specific feed grade, the 75 micron content of your crusher dust is typically reduced by a high enough percentage to enable it to be used as a *manufactured sand. (*Sample feed grade / PSD’s must be supplied).

Alternatively, we can offer a complete feeding, washing and stacking solution for hire or sale to process your excess stockpiles of crusher dust which may have accumulated over the years.

New sand resources are rare, can take years of planning and be extremely costly.

In many areas of Australia, concrete sand is becoming a scarce and costly commodity.

Why not take of advantage of the Alliance™ Low Water Washer from Superior Industries to turn crusher dust into manufactured sand?

The Alliance Low Water Washer is available in several models to 275 MTPH. 

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If you have an excess of crusher dust and want to process it with minimal water compared to traditional washing solutions, then please call today! Our first stock units are arriving soon. Don’t miss out!

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