Zipline Conveyor

Zipline® Overland Conveyor

The Zipline Conveyor is the latest innovation from Superior Industries in their range of overland conveying systems. (OLC’s)

Available through 888CSE Australia-wide, the Zipline conveyor is quickly assembled and is able to handle a variety of sands, minerals and crushed ores using a pre-engineered, modular overland system designed for quick, tool-less installation.

Compared to a spec-by-spec highly engineered system, this unit is a lower cost overland alternative and is capable of handling up to 1500tph of various materials.

The Zipline® Conveyor is designed with off-the-shelf components for easy sourcing of replacement idlers, pulleys, and accessories. The modular design allows for easy structural additions in the future.

Typically costing sometimes less than half the price of a custom designed conveying solution, the Zipline® system can be used in many “medium duty” overland / ground-line conveying applications.

Sand and gravel pits, aggregates, quarrying and in-pit crushing / conveying applications as well as medium sized mining applications are just some of the uses of the Zipline conveyor  system.

Relocation of the Zipline® can also be achieved in a relatively short space of time when compared to traditional installations. Click here to see installation video.

The Zipline can therefore be an alternative to “Grasshopper” or “Jump” conveyors for certain applications or used as an extended transfer conveyor to increase stockpiling applications.

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