Tracked Radial Stacker

Tracked Radial Stacker.

888CSE has in stock more tracked radial stacker options.

The latest 80ft (24m) ST80 tracked radial stacker has recently arrived into  888CSE stock.

Available for hire or sale in WA/NT/SA, the McCloskey ST80 tracked radial stacker has the advantages of a larger stockpile from radial slewing, whilst offering the capability for on-site tracking from a radio remote controlled handset.

Incredible operational savings can therefore be made by using the McCloskey tracked radial stacker, compared to stockpiling with loaders or non-slewing stackers. Payback on the investment in the McCloskey stacker can sometime be made in just a few months in certain operations.

Several operators have already realised the benefits of this system in high production applications.

Features of the McCloskey ST80 tracked radial stacker include:-

90HP Cat engine for unrivalled capacity compared to “equivalent” stackers.

Highest stockpile from a true 80ft (24m) long stacker.

Heavy Duty Lattice frame truss section.

Hydraulic Axle Jacks.

Hydraulic Radial Powered Drive.

Hydraulic Rams to change from Radial to Towing Mode.

Hydraulic Folding Conveyor.

Hydraulic Landing Legs for easy removal of the track dolly.

The “Independent” tracked dolly / tracked bogie can be removed / reused / integrated into other equipment where sufficient hydraulic power is available to drive the tracks.

Use of the radio remote control tracks to drive the stacker conveyor reduces the potential for incidents / accidents as well as decreasing the chances of damage from “towing” old fashioned stackers around a site.

Videos of the McCloskey Stacker Conveyor can be seen on our You Tube Pages. Video 1: Video 2:

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