Mobile Truck Unloader

Mobile Truck Unloader.

888CSE supplies a full range of mobile truck unloaders for various applications, handling materials such as Iron Ore, Coal, Coke, Grain, Woodchips, Sand, Aggregates and all types of crushed minerals and ores.

The mobile truck unloader is the most efficient way to transfer a range of materials directly from truck to stockpile, truck to vessel, or truck to overland conveyor.

Truck unloaders therefore eliminate double handling and degradation of materials.

The range of truck unloaders from 888CSE is seconds to none, incorporating wheel / tire mounted as well as track mounted unloaders.

Truck Unloaders are available in various configurations such as rear tip, drive over (suitable for both rear tip and belly dump trailers), combined rear tip / drive over as well as a patented mobile dual lane drive over configuration. (Razertail™ two lane mobile truck unloader).

The unique dual lane version is a portable truck unloader that enables two (2) trucks to empty their trailers simultaneously, or slightly staggered to give a virtually continuous feed to the stockpile or vessel.

This dual lane feature is essential in many barge-loading or ship loading applications where valued time at the dock side needs to be minimised and where tipping with two trucks from opposite ends of the truck unloader is not suitable with a standard configuration.

Most of our truck unloaders are supplied with on board self-cleaning ramps, which fold up for transport.

These on board hydraulic folding ramps also double up as a feed hopper for loading with a Front-End Loader (FEL / Wheel Loader) in stockpile reclaiming operations at Port / Mine or Stockyard operations. This means that a single truck unloader can be used in a variety of mining, quarrying feeding, reclaiming, ship-loading and stockpiling applications. Portability enables quick delivery and set up on site in the case of planned shutdowns or unplanned maintenance.

Capacities up to 1600tph can be achieved with a single unit, (or up to a maximum of 2500cu.m hour in light material applications such as wood chips / grain).

Coupled with our Telestacker conveyor, the truck unloader can be used to stockpile over 250,000 tonnes without moving, or can easily load many Ocean going bulk carriers as well as smaller to mid-size coastal vessels.

Units in the 888CSE Truck Unloader range include the wheel mounted / electric drive Razertail™ from Superior Industries, a Diesel Hydraulic / track mounted McCloskey MTD50R and the latest Razerlink™ Truck Unloader, also from Superior Industries.

The McCloskey MTD50R is supplied in a rear tip / FEL configuration and is supplied with a radial / luffing boom. The tracks enable quick movements on site and between sites.

The Superior Industries Razerlink™ truck unloader is also available in both wheel and track mounted versions and is supplied with both rear tip and drive over configurations. As well as the luffing / radial boom, there is also the option of a telescopic boom conveyor for increased discharge reach / height. In some applications this telescopic boom eliminates the use of an additional transfer conveyor / stockpiler.

For more information on the leading range of truck unloaders from 888CSE please visit our product pages or please contact us now.

Click here to see Dual Lane Truck Unloader used for shiploading wood chips at 2400cu.m/hour.

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