McCloskey TS4065 Tracked Stacker

The McCloskey TS4065 Tracked Stacker offers a fully mobile, track mounted stacker conveyor.

The TS4065 Stacker is an ideal choice for the professional operator.

Offering an unbelievable payback period compared to running a loader and operator, the Tracked Stacker from McCloskey is the only choice for all serious mobile crushing and screening operations.

Suitable for primary stockpiling or finished aggregate / sand stockpiling with high (up to 600tph) handling capacity from built in engine and hydraulic controls. The tracked stacker can be set-up to work within minutes of arriving on site.

The TS4065 Tracked Stacker from McCloskey can also be plugged into the hydraulics on a suitable screening plant eliminating the use of the engine on the stacker except for tracking.

This feature reduces fuel usage and engine maintenance even further, offering unbelievable savings when compared to double handling with a loader.

The Tracked Stacker from McCloskey is heavier duty and fitted with higher quality components when compared to “low cost” stackers from other suppliers.

Heavy Duty 24m models are also available in both standard, heavy duty and direct feed configurations.

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(GeoTrek – 80ft x 42″ Track Mounted Heavy Duty Stacker)

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