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Superior GeoTrek 80ft (24m) Track Mounted Stacker


The Superior Industries GeoTrek® 80ft (24m) Long tracked conveyor unit is the ultimate stockpiler for using with track mounted crushers and screening plants.

The Superior Industries GeoTrek® 80ft (24m) Long track mounted conveyor is the heaviest duty folding design tracked conveyor currently available with unrivaled features and benefits.

With its 42″ (1050mm) wide belt and deeper chassis design for increased strength, the unit is capable of handling up to 600tph in its fully inclined position, and up to 1000tph when used as a transfer conveyor in its lowered position.

That makes it ideal for stockpiling or transferring over a bench to give a massive stockpile. A Large 74Hp engine with Larger pumps and hydrauic motors are used for the increased capacities.

Heavier counterweights at the feed end also increase stability when compared to other track conveyors.

Offering the highest stockpile height, coupled with the largest engine and hydraulic power available, the Superior Industries GeoTrek 80ft (24m) Long Tracked Conveyor is unbeatable.

The Geotrek Conveyor Transports in a high cube 40ft sea container or on a standard drop deck or triaxle float and is supplied with optional bolt in track spacers to widen the tracks for even more stability and even more clearance under the chassis.

Using a patented folding technique, the hydraulic folding rams are protected when the Geotrek unit is in use.

The hydraulic hoses on the Geotrek conveyor are all located on the outside of the chassis, preventing the conveyor belt rubbing through them in operation which happens on other track conveyor units.

Only short length of flexible hoses are used with steel tubes uses for the longer lengths making hose replacement quicker and lower cost.

How much warranty do you get with Track Mounted Stackers from other suppliers – ask them? 6 months, 12 months (or 1000 Hours) at the most?

Due to the higher build quality using in house components, Superior Industries offer an unrivalled *2 year component warranty (4000 Hours on components  – 3000 hours on engine) and *5 year structural warranty on ALL their equipment. (*Subject to standard Superior terms).

Now that is unbeatable!

Please contact us or phone 08 9550 6388, 0447 888028 or 0447 888048 for further information. 


GeoTrek® 24m Conveyor – Folded up for standard 40ft Container Transport.
24m Track Conveyor – Lowered to the Maintenance Position.


Folding Mechanism on the Geotrek Conveyor