World’s best selling Telescopic Conveyor


World’s best selling Telescopic Conveyor

Two more of the world’s best selling Telescopic Conveyor being assembled and test run at 888CSE’s Perth depot, prior to delivery to our valued WA client.

These impressive 150ft (46m) Telestacker Conveyors from Superior Industries will be used at up to 1100tph EACH on an Iron Mine for handling crushed lump and fines products prior to loadout.

These impressive 46m units, fully assembled and tested prior to collection for the quickest set-up on site, will out stack and out perform our competitor’s typical 40m long stocked units.

With stackers available up to an impressive 4000tph and up to 190ft (58m) long, the Superior Industries Telestacker Conveyor from 888CSE is the leading mobile telescopic conveyor in Australia, for mining, marine, quarry and recycling applications.


Typical specifications.

  • On Board PLC (Pile pro) for segregated stockpiles or other custom stockpile requirements.
  • Tracking rollers on main and stinger.
  • Impact beds at tail end.
  • 4 Ply HD vulcanised belts.
  • Heavier duty pulleys, shafts and bearings than used by the competition.
  • Heavy duty CEMA 5″ rollers as standard.
  • Heavy duty chassis and undercarriage.
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to collection.
  • Quickest install / set-up on site.

More stock on order – arriving mid 2021.

For more information, detailed specifications and pricing, please contact us or call 08 9550 6388 now.

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