Shiploading Australia

Shiploading Australia.

888CSE has recently supplied a fully mobile shiploading system to a client in Australia.

The equipment was manufactured in the US by Superior Industries.

Superior Industries are one the world leaders in the design, supply and installation of mobile conveying systems. Virtually all components are designed and built in house in the Superior US factories. This enables Superior Industries / 888CSE to offer extended warranties on all equipment supplied.

The Superior Telestacker® Conveyor is the leading brand of mobile telescopic conveyor for mining, quarrying and mobile ship loading in Australia. Superior’s leading product range also includes Truck Unloaders, Radial Stackers, Transfer (Grasshopper) Conveyors and Overland Conveyors as well as a full range of US manufactured components and accessories.

For this particular project, 888CSE supplied their client with a modified 72″ (1800mm) RazerTail® Truck Unloader with DUAL Lane upgrade and a 48×150 (46m Long) Telestacker® Conveyor.

Handling woodchips, this system is capable of shiploading large vessels with a peak capacity of over 2400cu.m/hour, offering the shortest cycle time possible for the required number of trucks / trailers.

Features of the Razertail® include a low profile self contained drive over capability (suitable for road trains or singles) and self cleaning / remote control operated folding ramps, which can also double up as a hopper to reduce spillage and/or be fed with a front end (wheel) loader depending on the material handling properties.

Upgraded Drive over grates are also fitted to the Razertail® with vibrating mechanisms to assist the flow of the normally difficult to handle and low density woodchips.

The Telestacker® Conveyor is also remote controlled. This enables the majority of the hold trimming to be carried out with the use of the radial, luffing and telescopic system incorporated into the Telestacker® Conveyor.

Both Superior Industries machines can be commissioned or demobilised extremely quickly and transported by the client by road for use on other sites for stockpiling or Shiploading Australia-wide.

A variety of materials from grain, sand, iron ore, coal, sulphur, salt and other minerals can easily be handled with variable belt speed configurations on the Superior Industries conveying equipment.

Mobile Telestacker® conveyors can be supplied to load just about any size of ship / vessel with a multitude of commodities.

Site Portable Superior Industries Passport™ and Stingray™ (Cantilever Boom) conveyors can also be supplied for Shiploading capacities up to 5000tph.

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