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Sand Washing Dewatering Units


888CSE offer an unrivalled range of Sand Washing Dewatering Units

When used in conjunction with suitable wet screening / washing equipment, up to *98% of usable fines can be recovered.

Silt / clays can typically be cut off between 63 and 75microns (*depending on model and feed materials).

Sand Washing Dewatering Units offered by 888CSE include the following to suit all applications / capacities and budgets:

Sand Screws:-

Bucket Wheel Dewaterers:-

Compact Modular Units comprising Cyclones and Dewatering Screens on a single chassis:-

Compact Modular Units comprising Bucket Wheels, Cyclones and Dewatering Screens on a single chassis:-

Complete Modular Turnkey Plants:-

Examples of just some of the extensive product range available are shown in the photos.

Additional items can be found on our other washing pages.

Water Management systems – typically required for the dry Australia climate – are offered as part of the complete package of Sand Washing Dewatering Units from 888CSE.

For more information and to discuss your sand washing dewatering units application, please contact us today or call 0447 888028 or 0447 888388.