McCloskey Track Radial Conveyor

McCloskey Track Radial Conveyor.

With the option of a standard Radial Conveyor and the added benefit of Track Dolly for full 360 rotation and travel on site the McCloskey Track Radial Conveyor is the ideal track radial stockpiler.

Manufactured from heavy duty lattice section this unit is the heaviest duty available for this type of configuration.

An added bonus is that the track dolly can be used on several different McCloskey conveyor units can easily be removed to position other equipment as required.

Available as an 80ft (24m), 100ft (30m) or incredible 125ft (38m) Conveyor with Cat engine option for superior product support in remote areas this conveyor system is unbeatable for contractors, quarries or mining operations. 24m Units supplied in WA.

A 42 x 125 (38m) V-Bin Stacker has also been developed and deployed in Qatar with track mobility and bogie wheels that allow for quick and easy movement with minimal effort.

The integral and removable 360 degree track bogie delivers maximum mobility to virtually any industry – from mining to ship-loading. This versatile conveyor is road towable for quick deployment between locations.

The ‘V-Bin’ section itself is fully hydraulically folding and the direct feed hopper boasts a standard capacity of 7.5 cubic yards, and a stockpile capacity of 7797 cubic yards. The McCloskey 42 x 125 V-Bin Stacker has a counterweighted design to keep the axle out of the stockpile, and is capable of a stockpile height of 48’6” (14.78m) at a peak rate of up to 800TPH.

Powered by 140hp (104kw) Cat 4.4 engine, the 42 x 125 V-Bin Track Bogie Stockpiling Conveyor is rugged, versatile and working across industries around the world.

The track dolly also allows self loading / unloading with transport on – off floats instead of using cranes onto drop decks or otherwise – thus reducing transport costs between sites.

The Powered Radial Option gives unrivalled stockpiling capabilities when compared to traditional straight line tracked conveyors.

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