Superior TrailBlazer Overland Conveyor

Superior TrailBlazer Overland Conveyor

To setup a 500 foot (150m) long groundline-overland conveyor odds are good that you and your staff were committed to the project for several hours, if not several days. Traditionally, the job tied up valuable resources and interrupted your material handling until completed. That was pre-2010 and before the patent pending Superior Trailblazer® Overland Conveyor.

Accelerated Setup
Designed for a small crew to transition the unit from a transport to a material handling position, it takes only an hour or two to setup or tear down the innovative, portable groundline / overland conveyor. Imagine the savings?

Towable Package
The new package comes fully-belted with a drive and gravity style take-up built into the trailer structure. With a fifth wheel hitch, brakes and directional lights, the portable conveyor moves easily from site to site.

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