McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker

McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker.  The now well proven (48″x80′)  McCloskey TF80 Track Mounted Feeder Stacker is the ultimate in Feeding / Stockpiling operations offering a larger capacity, longer conveyor and higher stockpile than the competition.

The McCloskey TF80 Feeder Stacker Reduces Stockpiling Costs and Compaction and Safety Issues caused by driving up stockpiles with loaders.
The TF80 Mobile Tracked Feeder Stacker enhances the process of stockpiling materials that traditionally can cause blockages in conventional stackers.

The TF80 facilitates the handling and stockpiling of iron ore and other ores, crushed materials, ballast, sand, large wood waste, bark, compost and topsoil, all of which can be fed into the heavy duty, fully lined hopper with large loaders and excavators.
In addition to the mobility enhanced by tracks, a large feeder hopper, wide heavy duty belts, (24m) long conveyor, and a heavy duty feeder make the TF80 the most robust mobile stockpiling conveyor for use across a number of industries.

Weighing in at around 34 tonnes all up, the McCloskey TF80 is up to 80% heavier duty and 50% higher capacity than most off the shelf “equivalent” design of feeder stackers from other suppliers.

This impressive Machine can operate at over 1000tph in certain conditions, depending on feed material type and conveying angle etc.

At the maximum conveying angle the TF80 offers the highest stockpile available in this class of machine.

The McCloskey TF80 Feeder stacker can also be used as a transfer / re-feed conveyor to feed onto an overland conveyor.

The TF80 from McCloskey can also be used to feed surplus material into a crushing / screening plants during maintenance periods to ensure continuous uptime.

Additional uses include transfer of material into a feed bin, or for loading screening plants, trucks, rail wagons, barges etc.

Screening / Stacking Options – Fit the optional Vibrating Grid (Single or Double deck) to make this unit a Screener Stacker!

Belts uprated to 4 ply for Heavy Duty Stockpiling Operations and larger feeder materials.

Feeder installed with heavy duty impact rollers for handling larger materials up to 300mm.

Full “Mine Spec” Compliant Versions available with Magnets, Metal Detection, Maintenance Platforms etc.

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48×80 (TF80) Feeder Stacker Specifications
Engine Cat C4.4 – Uprated – 125HP
Transport Height 3.5m (11′ 7″)
Transport Length 19.46m (63′ 10″)
Transport Width 2.9m (9′ 7″)
Stockpile Height 12.6m (41′ 7″) @ *29 degrees – Variable
Stockpile Capacity 3730cu.m @ 29 deg. 2144cu.m @ 23 deg
Feed Capacity Variable from *100tph-1000tph
Hopper Capacity 11.5cu.m without grid. (Hardox Lined). Optional Mine spec 20cu.m Hopper suits up to 992 sized loaders!

(*Conveyor angle varies – subject to feed material)
(*Capacity varies – subject to conveyor angle and feed material)

Wheel Mounted Feeder-Stackers are also available.

Available in 85′ (26m) or 100′ (30m) models, the McCloskey Feeder Stacker combines a high capacity 48″ wide belt feed hopper with a 48″ wide heavy duty truss stacking conveyor. This machine allows stockpiling of bulky material with a tendency to bridge, such as: compost, wood waste, bark and logs.

The Feeder Stacker is also available as an aggregate spec unit. The agg-spec Feeder Stacker comes with a hydraulic tipping grid, smooth 42″ belts with blade style belt scrapers and a higher TPH capacity.

Specifications – 85′ Model
Power Plant: 127 HP (93 kw) Tier III Diesel Engine
Transport Height: 13′ & 6” (4,100mm)
Transport Length: 69′-1″ (21,056mm)
Transport Width: 10′ & 9” (3,276mm)
Weight: 40,500 lbs (18,370 kg) & estimated
Specifications – 100′ Model
Power Plant: 127 HP (93 kw) Tier III Diesel Engine
Transport Height: 13′ & 6” (4,100mm)
Transport Length: 81′-1″ (24,714mm)
Transport Width: 10′ – 9” (3,276mm)
Weight: 50,500 lbs (22,906 kg) & estimated


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