McCloskey MTD50R

McCloskey MTD50R

The McCloskey MTD50R is a diesel hydraulic powered truck unloader suitable for rear tip feed or front end loader (FEL) / Wheel Loader operations.

Suitable for feeding all types of minerals and ores from stockpiles onto Overland conveyors, barges or as a transfer conveyor onto our telescopic Telestacker Conveyors for loading larger vessels / ships, the McCloskey MTD50R offers unrivalled portability and ease of operation and maintenance.

Fitted with a Powerful cat C4.4 130HP engine, the McCloskey MTD50R conveyor can be tracked around the site / port facility with ease and can be set up for operation in just a few minutes.

Capacities of over 1000tph can be achieved in certain applications. (subject to material type / method of feed etc).

The remote control radial boom (with luffing capability) allows the McCloskey MTD50R to be used a direct vessel / barge loader, eliminating the use of a separate truck unloader and discharge conveyor.

The MTD50R also offers an ideal solution for stockpile reclamation during shutdown or unplanned maintenance of traditional stacker reclaimers at port, mine and stockyard facilites.

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