Dual Lane Truck Unloader

Dual Lane Truck Unloader

Two (2) lane mobile truck unloader.

Use of the patented Superior Industries Razertail™ mobile dual lane truck unloader is an essential item in many port applications for ship and vessel loading.

The dual lane truck unloader allows two trucks to tip at the same time or slightly staggered allowing virtually continuous feed to the ship.

Loading times can be cut down by as much as 50% in some applications.

Whilst the traditional truck unloader allows the tipping of two trucks back to back, this might not be possible on some sites due to the limited availability of space.

The mobile Razertail dual lane truck unloader solves this problem.

Available in two sizes for capacities of 1000 – 1500 tph – depending on material type and size, (or 1500 – 2400 cu.m/hour in woodchips), the dual lane truck unloader gives the shortest possible turnaround for trucks and rear tip / belly dump or walking floor road trains.

Suitable for many mining and port applications, the unit can be transported on site and between sites.

Handling of materials such as iron ore, coal, coke, grain, wood chips, fertilizer, sands, mineral sands, aggregates and a variety of ores is possible.

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