Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Rollers

The Full Range of world leading Superior Industries Conveyor Components, Conveyor Rollers are available from 888CSE.

We supply:-

Troughing Rollers; Return Rollers, Disc Return Rollers, Self Aligning Idlers and Self Aligning Return Idlers, Spiral Rollers, Head and Tail Pulleys, Patented Chevron Wing Pulleys etc. etc.

Roll diameters are available in in 4″ (102mm)  5″ (127mm),  6″ (152mm), 7″ (178mm) and 8″ (203mm) diam.

Rollers are available in Belt widths from 18″ (450mm) up to 120″ (3000mm) belt width.

Idler Specs are available in CEMA B, CEMA C, CEMA D, DEMA D, CEMA E and CEMA F. (From 17mm Bearings to 50mm Bearings/shafts)

We also supply patented MOXIE Rollers which are 40% lighter than equivalent steel rolls, requiring less power to run and up to 3 x quieter, making them VERY environmentally friendly.

Lower idler weight also assists with ergonomics during install or changeout, making them a a safer roller for your crew to install!

For increased lifetime, Moxie rollers from Superior Industries offer the thickest shell on the market with a 1″ thick shell on the 6″ rollers and a 1/2″ thick shell on 5″ diam roller.

Download the Superior Industries CEMA Idler Brochure – Click Here.

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