Discover the exceptional 888CSE difference!


Discover the 888CSE Difference!

In the world of industrial machinery and equipment, excellence is a rare find. But here at 888CSE, we’ve made it our mission to redefine the industry with unparalleled customer service and unwavering support.
Full Warranty for all Machines sold at 888CSE: When you invest in machinery, peace of mind is crucial. That’s why we offer a full warranty on all the machines we sell.
Your investment is protected, and your confidence in our product quality is secured.
Dedicated Back-Up Support: Owning heavy machinery isn’t just about the initial purchase; it’s a journey.
We stand by your side, offering maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical expertise throughout your machinery’s life.
We understand the urgency of your needs, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations.
Extensive Parts Inventory: Equipment breakdowns can happen at the most inconvenient times.
We’ve got your back with one of the largest stocked parts stores in the southern hemisphere. Fast access to spare parts reduces downtime, saving you valuable time and money.
30 Years of Technical Support: With 30 years of combined technical support experience, our team is primed to tackle the most complex issues.
Whether it’s routine maintenance or intricate troubleshooting, our experts are committed to keeping your machinery running smoothly.
Your Success is Our Priority: We’re more than just machinery suppliers; we’re your partners in achieving success.
We understand the direct impact your equipment has on your business, and we are determined to help you thrive.
Whether you’re in need of crushing and screening equipment or ongoing support for your existing machinery, 888CSE is your trusted partner.
Our commitment to customer service, full warranties, vast parts inventory, and decades of technical support experience makes us the name you can rely on.
Seeking a dependable partner for all your Crushing, Screening, and Conveying machinery needs? Give 888CSE a call today and experience the difference.
Your success is our mission, and we’re ready to make it happen. Contact us today.
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